Saturday, December 5, 2009

Colds and Christmas

Why do I have to be sick AGAIN???????
I have been pumping up the volume of wellness awaredness, taking echinachea and 1000mg of Vitamin C, this time hitting that with zinc drops. I never forget the ever trust DAyquil, mucinex and my sore throat drops and spray. I have been drinking so much chamomile tea and honey, I had to get a new honey bear!
I have swabbed vicks on my body and nothing has kept me from getting a cold ...third time sick in a month. My immune system is way compromised.
My grandma swears I need more sleep. I would vote that I need more sleep- This week alone the most sleep I got in one day was six hours.....I love to sleep....but Eva has had a rough week too, she was running a high temp all Thursday.
Last night she only slept 4 hrs. We missed out on a lot of thingstoday, including my niece's first recital.
My husband says I am putting too much on my plate...doing too much. So I am trying to reduce the things and just relax today. I called my Primary Pres an told her to get me a sub....Nursery will have to miss me tomorrow.
I don't want to get those little guys sick or get sicker from being around them!
On the plus side....Christmas rolls forward in the Munger home...our gigantic tree is up and thanks to a new tree stand, not toppling over on me! Story when more awake!Its easily 8 feet tall...a record for Frank and oh how pretty it is too....
I love all the lights and fairy tale ness that christmas decorating brings to our home....It defintely dresses up the nest and makes me feel even more cozy!!!
I am more ruminating that literary tonight.....but felt the excitement to be able to write, as E is sound asleep.
I know, I should be too....but its those few quiet bits of adult time alone that I just don't wanna give completely up.
However, I had thoughts and now sound like I am rambling; so soon I will be taking my stuffed up nose off to bed
Feeling really glad to have a reason to write again, and hoping that it will encourage the stories to come more's story needs to be told I know.
I just am afraid.
There. I said it.
why ? I have no clue. NO... it s
its not rejection I am afraid of....but I don't want to fail.
If you don't try you don't fail- what kind of weak spirited person doesn't try just so they don't fail?
cowardess. I am solving my own issues! I never really thought it through before now.

But that is it!
NOT that it is good tht I figured it out. Cuz now, I just have one less excuse.
I gotta go to bed.
I need to rest up ....tomorrow I begin to write again.....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The beginning....

And so it begins...I blogged once before and the idea of strangers reading my thoughts freaked me I can protect myself and my thoughts and eventually my hope is thaat the convience will get me writing and exercising my literary skills even while I sound off about well...everything.

So I sit here on my couch , my sleeping daughter in my lap, and await my husband's homecoming. I should be in bed. For that matter, so should my daughter.
How long can this last? The baby moments are fleeing before my eyes and I am holding on to every cuddly moment. Its quiet, with Christmas music playing softly in the background

Why do we hurry the process of our lives? Every moment has its precious times and we are so quick to try and hurry to the next step..are we enjoying the now? E has taught me to SLOW down. I have become a homebody,loving being and creating my home.....

Are we cozy in our nests? Or are we attempting to cram so much into our lives that are nests are stopping places for a quick shower, some sleep and leftover greasy take out in the fridge?

I love being love is home! Off to greet my sweetheart!


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