Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Don't even feel like its the New Year Yet...My family has struggled with illness after illness since mid December....when you never get better, at some point you start becoming a tad bit paranoid..will I ever get better? Or ...better yet- in the feverish moment- when your fever is 104 and you are shivering hot and cold and your crying daughter is feverish and wanting to be this the end? Your mortality becomes more real , doesn't it? I laugh because I get so melodramatic when I am ill- That Scarlet O'Hara has nothing on me! (my daughter inherited the melodrama)Now that I am a grown woman with a child and a husband and the recipient of my melodrama- my mom - is no longer around to comfort me - I internalize the thoughts more and yes, think I am dying still. HaA! I cheated death AGAIN!
And on a serious note,  how can I not give great thanks for the GENERAL HEALTH  of my sweet angel child. What a horrible thing is the ear infection. Your child whimpers and cries and you can do nothing to alleviate the pain....I am so grateful to my Heavely Father for allowing me to have a healthy child. Many honors I want to give to the moms of disable or chronically ill children. Their heartache knows no bounds- and yet there are so many who go day by day- smiles on their face-finding the blessings in thedir lives....and so I start my Year with my resolutions
FIND MY BLESSINGS....develop and enrich and focus on my BLESSINGS

my family:  I am so blessed...I commit to enriching their lives- starting with consistent FHE w Eva - weird just the two of us but yesterday- we had such a great time! Findin g time to be alone with my honey- just us...
my gifts: my talents-crafts, scrapping, stamping, writing- TEACHING I just made a beautiful Junque Journal for a friend= pics to come!
my faith: whatever your faith you feel stronger, better, more capable when you are obedient to your faith? I know I do- and its such a blessing in my life!
So thats it for now ....oh...ya, I am FORTY- HERE WE GO ! new decade! I AM GONNA ROCK IT!


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