Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pieces of Perfectness

So a friend and I were chatting today and I told her that I wanted her long legs. I envy her. She has these long model legs that look great in those skinny jeans that only the perfect legged woman could wear. She said she would gladly give them up. I offered up one of my better assests ..my boobs. Thats right, girls, I said it. They're one of my assests..and don't think I dont know it! It may not be very Molly Mormon of me...but well my name is Ruth .
Anyways, as we were chatting I thought wouldn't it be great if we could "try on" our favorite parts of our favorite people...making  the perfect self? Then we could return it after a while- I could have one friend's legs, my old friend BK's time management skills, Jennifer Aniston's hair.No, wait- my daughter's! hair! ..my friend AHW teeth- she wouldn't admit it but she has great teeth...my sister CG's ability to draw...before I know it I would have nothing but perfect parts...I would be the best of everyone and myself....I would want to keep my strength of faith , ability to teach, my steadfastness,my eyes, my love for cooking and scrapbooking and writing.
And what would I find? That the long legs were not easy to get pants for?Fit in the front seat of small cars? That the hair  and teeth were hard to maintain, and that the artistic abilities, actually took years to perfect?
 I would like to think I would miss my flawed self ...with our pieces of perfectness shining through..we see our own godliness -to be more like our Heavenly Father we must strive to be perfect..if we are already perfect what do we have to strive for? What would our goals be?
Without our flaws...in essence where is our perfectness? Its in the pieces that we have perfected and thatpieces that are NOT PERFECT  we can chose to perfect that we become more like Him, and isnt that so much more satisfying?
I am just saying.....


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