Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Follow your Passions...THANKS DH

Last week sucked at work. Now I love that I have a job that helps provide for my family and that I feel like I do good every day. I am grateful and blessed.

However. I am old school. If I did not HAVE to work outside of the home, I would be home being a mommy and a wifey full time. I have a job that allows me to work until 12 or12:30 pm and then I come home. I LOVE COMING home.
But office and government politics made last week stressful to say the least...starting Tuesday ...and I began to pray....
I started off feeling like I needed to go to the Church bookstore...and off I went, got the new Ensign and Friend...felt inspired...asked mom in law to go to Time out for Women with me in September....and prayed some more...
Put up a scripture that has a sweet little girl illustration at work on Wed.....got more bad news at work...
Went home and made zucchini bread....it was DELISH....felt better....
Took some delish bread in to work....decided to put on a happy face, and then asked for Friday OFF.... got Friday off!!!!!
Then..Dear Husband got sick on Friday...REALLY SICK....
Then he GOT BETTER on Saturday we took little E to gymnastics and he pushed me out the door to go scrapbooking.
...off I went to scrap w friends for a few hours....then
made it ON TIME TO Church on Sunday! and cooked a fabulous meal for in laws .....it was refreshing to be with the ones I loved for 3 whole days....NO STRESS
THENyesterday my DH tells me to go get my Kitchen Aid mixer that I have been wanting for years...he has been telling me to do it but I have been putting it off...but finally I listened to him!
I have to say in a week I have really put my stress relievers to the test!

I have done what I love and surrounded myself in a cocoon of peace in my faith, my family, my home, my crafts, my garden.
We don't always get what we want...we get what we need...its how we respond to what we get the causes the growth or stagnation.
Take my sweet DH. We are opposites. Many told me not to marry him. Friendships were broken because of my choice. He was inactive in my church, still is. I knew the struggles I would face spiritually. But I felt pulled to him. It was greater than me. There have been other men I have loved...and I always used to say that I could live with anyone as long as they were active in the Church because I thought I was easy going.....HAHA . My girlfriends who have lived with me know I am not so easygoing....anyways Noneof my other "loves" really seemed "real"though I learned something from them all.
. My DH and I don't like the same music or even movies sometimes. He was always REAL....ALMOST TOO REAL. Hes the cool guy to my geek girl. But he knows what I need before even I do....HE WAS MY SUPPORT last week. He listened, he cared and he made sure that when I was my most stressed..I did what I needed to do to renew. Isn't that true love? He JUST KNOWS AND DOES.
Among all his other wonderful traits, he is wonderful to me...
I wonder what it would be like to have an active spiritual priesthood leader in my home sometimes. I wonder why its so hard for some to build their faith when it is so easy for me....and I hope for the dream of being at least bound in heaven as we are on this earth someday. Until then, my dear sweetheart and I continue to forge down this path of ours heartbound, and holding hands..arguing about why that Zombie movie sucked so bad ! ha!
Follow your passions...and be true to your heart....

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  1. Ruthie! I have always admired your strength and your never ending faith. We have some great parallels in our marriages...it isn't ever easy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Your family is beautiful and you will eternally blessed because of your faith, of this I am sure! Even after all of these years of not seeing one another, I love you!



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