Thursday, August 26, 2010

OPINIONS I have plenty!

No one has ever accused me of being meek in my mouth. I have always been, well, SPIRITED.  I often speak before I think. I feel deeply the great joys and pains of the world. I cry often when told things of a spiritual nature...anything very dear and sweet to someone's heart. Thats is why I know I am both liked and disliked. OPINIONS...I  have plenty!
Those who know me know of my big heart. Yes my mouth runneth over and if you are my friend long will probably be offended by something I choose to put out there. No offense intended and I am quick to apologise, but mouth runneth over.
I am both thankful for my mouth and sometimes a little saddened. I despise hurting others. And also, find that on occasion, I hurt myself .
I am ALWAYS  true to myself.
I used to have a motto when I was single. Live your life with no regrets. I have always chosen to live as close to my Gospel's commandments so as to not hurt others and been true to myself so that I do not regret my choices.
And when we go to heaven and we meet our Maker and discuss what we have accomplished...what will we say? That we kept our mouths shut and avoided pain? Or that we stood up for what is right and accepted the consequences?
I know my choice. I will be both liked and disliked by my fellow brethern for it.

And I hope that I have friends and family that will stand up and cheer me on. Today DH again cheered me on. Thanks Frank. Dang, hes gonna get a big head with all this blogging about him !

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